World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

  • Trash Vs Recyclables: Sorting Your Waste For Collection

    In most jurisdictions, you will be provided with both a trash collection bin and a recycling bin that can be used to dispose of your household waste. However, if you are like most people, you may be putting far more waste in your trash can than is truly required. This is because many people simply do not know exactly what items can be recycled and what items cannot. Consequently, these individuals will often throw away items that could have been recycled rather than taking up space in the local landfill.

  • 2 Important Things To Know Before Having Your Roof Redone

    No matter how well installed or maintained, sooner or later all roofs will have to be replaced. When the time comes to hire a roofing contractor to complete this job, the more you know the better. If you are beginning to look into having your roof redone, read on. This article will present two important roof-related facts you should know. Asphalt Shingle Composition Asphalt shingles are by far the most common roofing material--and for good reason.

  • What To Do When Your Water Well Drilling Leads To Mineral Or Oil Rights

    Consider this: You have decided to drill for water, so you can have your own water well at home. While the contractor is working, you suddenly hear an exclamation of surprise; your drilling has struck oil. Or, perhaps your drilling resulted in the discovery of a mining resource full of in-demand minerals. What do you do now? Here are a few things you need to know about your new-found fortune.  Complete Ownership Of Your Minerals or Oil?

  • Protect Your Home From A Roof Collapse

    Without a doubt, being a homeowner is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to stay on top of maintenance when it comes to the interior surfaces of your home, but this same rule is true when it comes to the exterior surfaces of your home, such as your roof. While most people focus on the risk of shingle damage or roof leaks, it's important to understand that a roof collapse is a real issue that you also need to stay on top of.

  • Fun Uses For Your Leftover Lumber

    Have you just finished rebuilding a deck outside? Have you recently replaced your old wood flooring with new? If you're not sure how to get rid of it, here are some ideas for how to use the reclaimed lumber around your home, rather than taking it to the dump: Bookcases and shelves: A bookcase made of real wood can be expensive and difficult to locate. However, if you have a pile of lumber sitting around from a previous project, you can essentially make one for free.

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World Construction Symposium

Hi, I'm Lenora. One of my favorite things is traveling. And when I travel, I especially love to see the various architecture around the world. Ever since I built a house (well, you know, hired a contractor to help me design it and then build it for me), I have been fascinated with the construction process. I love looking at international architecture like Saint Basil's Cathedral in Russia or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. How were they made? It is just so interesting to me, from the foundation's support to all the intricate details such as paving or roofing. I started this blog to talk about all the parts of construction. I hope you enjoy it!