World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

  • Keeping Trash in Cans Until Pickup Day Arrives

    If you just moved into a home in a wooded area, you undoubtedly worry about wildlife and the capabilities creatures living in the area have in causing destruction to your personal property. Animals tend to target garbage bins as they often hold items that these creatures consume. To keep your trash in place until a garbage hauling service arrives to pick it up, try these tips. Wait to Bring Your Trash to The Curb

  • How to Prepare for a Contracting Project in a Commercial Setting

    When you bring professionals in to handle contracting work in a commercial setting, the job calls for a lot of preparation. Here are four things you can do to make your retail contracting project go smoothly.  1. Establish Your Standards Many commercial projects have to meet very specific standards. If your operation is part of a franchise or chain, those are often brand standards established by a corporation. Even if you're the sole owner of the business, though, it's smart to think about what the standards will be.

  • 6 Things To Consider Before Adding A Hot Tub Spa To Your Backyard

    Buying a hot tub spa is on many homeowners' wish lists and, if it is not, it should be. Hot tubs are relaxing and therapeutic, but there are many points to consider before installing one in your backyard.  1. Location: Deciding whether to put your hot tub outside or inside depends on where you live and your tolerance for cold weather. An indoor location means that you can enjoy your hot tub spa year-round without worrying about cold winter winds and high energy bills.

  • Rubber Decking: The Perfect Addition to Your Commercial Pool

    Safety is one of your major concerns when you operate a commercial pool. Kids can't resist the urge to run on the pool deck, and older people are susceptible to slipping and falling on wet concrete. Consider installing a rubber surface around your pool to make your pool safer while enhancing its beauty. Here's why rubber pool decks are popular and how they make a pool deck safer. A Rubber Pool Deck Provides a Cushion for Falls

  • Hiring A General Contractor For Your Project And Understanding His Role

    When you need a contractor to complete a project, you need to understand what their purpose and role is in the whole process. On a small job, the role of the general contractor may be much different from his responsibility on a larger job. Because there will be decisions made by the contractor for you, you need to find one that you are comfortable with and can trust to handle things the way you have outlined for him.

  • About Me

    World Construction Symposium

    Hi, I'm Lenora. One of my favorite things is traveling. And when I travel, I especially love to see the various architecture around the world. Ever since I built a house (well, you know, hired a contractor to help me design it and then build it for me), I have been fascinated with the construction process. I love looking at international architecture like Saint Basil's Cathedral in Russia or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. How were they made? It is just so interesting to me, from the foundation's support to all the intricate details such as paving or roofing. I started this blog to talk about all the parts of construction. I hope you enjoy it!