World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

Keeping Trash in Cans Until Pickup Day Arrives

by Wallace Simmons

If you just moved into a home in a wooded area, you undoubtedly worry about wildlife and the capabilities creatures living in the area have in causing destruction to your personal property. Animals tend to target garbage bins as they often hold items that these creatures consume. To keep your trash in place until a garbage hauling service arrives to pick it up, try these tips.

Wait to Bring Your Trash to The Curb

Instead of bringing trash receptacles to the edge of your property for pickup well before a hauling service is expected, wait until the last possible minute to do so. That way, the chance of a can being knocked over by an animal is less likely to occur. Keep your trash cans in an enclosed area, such as your garage or a locked shed, if possible.

Invest in the Right Type of Can

There are many options when it comes to the type of garbage can you use for trash pick up. To keep your trash securely nestled inside of a can, a locking lid is best. These have latches that you snap into place after the lid is placed over the container. This makes it difficult for animals to get into the container to access the contents.

Keep Watch About Can Contents

Animals tip over garbage cans that have the odor of food inside of them. Because of this, take extra care not to throw away food products in cans. Use compost piles for leftovers when possible. When you prepare meals, do not make more than necessary to reduce the amount of uneaten food placed in cans. In addition, keep track of leftovers in your refrigerator so they are eaten instead of being tossed into the trash.

Use a Double-Bagging System

To reduce the odor emitted from trash cans, consider using extra bags. Place a trash bag inside of another one to collect unneeded items. Using this method makes it harder for odors to be smelled by wildlife in the vicinity, thereby decreasing the risk of cans being accessed by these creatures.

Clean Cans and Use Deterrents

Over time, spills left inside of trash containers become quite pungent. Take the time to clean out your garbage cans each week. Use a hose to rinse the interiors of cans and turn them upside down to dry. Before adding trash bags to a newly cleaned can, spray the inside with a mixture of half vinegar and half water. The odor from the spray causes animals to keep away from cans where it is present.


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