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World Construction Symposium

6 Things To Consider Before Adding A Hot Tub Spa To Your Backyard

by Wallace Simmons

Buying a hot tub spa is on many homeowners' wish lists and, if it is not, it should be. Hot tubs are relaxing and therapeutic, but there are many points to consider before installing one in your backyard. 

1. Location: Deciding whether to put your hot tub outside or inside depends on where you live and your tolerance for cold weather. An indoor location means that you can enjoy your hot tub spa year-round without worrying about cold winter winds and high energy bills. An outdoor location, however, has a certain appeal. Sinking down into toasty warm water while the snow gently falls around you is very zen. If you choose an outdoor location, be sure to select a sheltered area away from the harshest wind.  

2. Portable or In-Ground: While an in-ground hot tub is easy to add when you install an in-ground pool, it has its drawbacks. Portable spas can be located close to the house, reducing your commute time in colder weather. Plus there is the added benefit that you can take a portable spa with you when you sell your home. 

3. Size: Hot tub spas come in a variety of sizes with both seating and lounge areas. Consider how many people will be using your spa. If you intend to have friends and family over for a dip, be sure to buy as large of a hot tub as you can afford to accommodate all of them. If, however, you intend to have solo dips, you can save money by purchasing a smaller spa.

4. Price: Have a budget in mind before shopping for a hot tub. Once you go to a showroom, you can be overwhelmed with excitement for your new hot tub and all the available accessories. Between chromotherapy and underwater speakers, it is easy to overspend without even realizing it. 

5. Jets: The top three favorite things about owning a hot tub are the jets, the jets, and the jets. Talk to your salesperson about all the options available to you to ensure that you purchase a hot tub spa with jets that will help soothe all your aches and pains. 

6. Chlorine or Bromine: Hot tubs need proper cleaning systems and there are options to think about here as well. Most people are familiar with chlorine systems, but there is also the option of using a bromine system. Although less familiar, bromine does reduce eye and skin irritations that chlorine can cause. On the other hand, if you have Fido jump in with you, bromine is more irritating to a dog's system. 

Having a hot tub spa in your backyard will make the space enjoyable for years to come. 


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