World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

Rubber Decking: The Perfect Addition to Your Commercial Pool

by Wallace Simmons

Safety is one of your major concerns when you operate a commercial pool. Kids can't resist the urge to run on the pool deck, and older people are susceptible to slipping and falling on wet concrete. Consider installing a rubber surface around your pool to make your pool safer while enhancing its beauty. Here's why rubber pool decks are popular and how they make a pool deck safer.

A Rubber Pool Deck Provides a Cushion for Falls

Even with a rubber deck, kids and adults will fall occasionally, but there's a difference between falling on concrete and falling on a rubber surface. A rubber surface could prevent a scraped knee or broken bone. In addition to cushioning, a rubber deck provides traction. The surface is tacky, so the risk of slipping, even when the surface is wet, is greatly reduced. Plus, rubber pool decking is softer for bare feet, and it doesn't get as hot as concrete so comfort is increased for kids and adults when walking on the deck in full sun.

Low Maintenance Needs Makes This Decking Popular

Rubber decking doesn't have to be sealed, and it's easy to keep clean. It's one of the easiest materials to maintain, and that's an important consideration for a busy commercial pool. Your old concrete deck can be resurfaced with rubber material that fills in cracks and levels the surface, so adding a rubber deck is a good way to cover up an ugly and stained concrete deck. Plus, the rubber used is made from recycled materials, so you'll keep tires out of the landfill by using a rubber product.

Rubber Deck Resurfacing Beautifies Your Pool

Rubber decking is attractive. The decking comes in several different colors. You can create the look of natural rocks if you want a tropical pool appearance, or you can use brightly colored rubber that attracts kids and the young at heart. The colors can be customized to include your logo, and you can mix the colors to create patterns, walkways, and borders. Rubber decking tolerates water well and allows water to drain, so it's a good material for use near a pool and in water spray playgrounds.

While you may want rubber decking for safety reasons, you'll enjoy many other benefits when you have this versatile material installed on your commercial pool deck. If you have concrete decking now, adding a rubber surface can take your pool deck to another level of safety and beauty.


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