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World Construction Symposium

How To Update An Old Bathtub

by Wallace Simmons

If you are remodeling a bathroom, you probably know that the price of bathtubs are fairly expensive all on their own. If your bathtub is set with a tub surround, that will most likely also need to be replaced, in addition to any damaged drywall, as well as the price of new tub fixtures such as handles and faucets. The price of your new bathtub nearly doubles when you add in the extras. If this just isn't in your budget, then updating your old bathtub is probably a better option. See below for tips on how to update your old bathtub.

Give It A New Face

Give your old bathtub a face-lift by adding some decorative elements on the exterior.

  • Airstone. This is a lightweight material that looks like faux stone. The air stone is simple to install; it sticks by using an adhesive applied to the back of the stone. It can be used on just about any surface, but looks especially great on bathtubs. Add a small quarter-round piece of trim to the top of the stone and caulk any cracks to give it a clean look.
  • Wainscoting. Add a piece of wainscoting or beadboard to the face of your tub to give your bathtub a built-in look. Add trim at the bottom to match the surrounding trim in your bathroom for a cohesive look. Then add a top trim board using PVC board (that won't rot). Caulk any cracks using waterproof caulk.

Take Off Old Ugly Doors

If your bathtub has glass doors that have old tracks or just look outdated, remove them completely and add a shower rod and curtain instead. To remove the old doors, take off the top track with a screwdriver, then (along with a helper) take out the doors. Remove the side tracks and the bottom track. With the bottom track, there may be caulking leftover that will also need to be removed. Use a putty knife or a blade to remove the excess caulking. Then use a strong tub cleaner to remove any mold or mildew that may have been under the tracks.

Have Your Tub Refinished

For bathtubs that look like they came out of the 70's and are colored, or for tubs that look worn out, have them refinished by a professional bathtub refinishing company. The bathtub can be refinished to look like a more modern bathtub, without the need to replace it. The bathtub surround may also be refinished. Contact a refinishing company for a quote.

Updating your old bathtub can be done yourself, but for a bigger refinishing job, you may want to leave it to a professional, such as one from Number One Tub & Tile Bathtub repair.


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