World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

How to Repair Rotted Soffit and Fascia Boards

by Wallace Simmons

The edge of your roofline, where the soffit and fascia boards meet, is often the first part of the roof to need repairs. The fascia is exposed to the elements, so the paint can fade, even with normal weather conditions. Once the paint wears off of the soffit and fascia, it can lead to rotting of the wood and compromise the structure of your roofline. This article will explain how to repair rotted wooden soffit and fascia boards.

Sand Out the Area

Before you repair the damaged wood with patch, you should sand around the area. Lightly sand it with a power sander, using medium grit paper. The wood used for soffit and fascia is usually unfinished hardwood, so you can use paper with grit as low as 60. Sand lightly and feel the area with your finger. If you sand down too hard, the painted and patched area will look different because of the different sheen. Just sand a small area around the rotted areas. If you have large holes in the boards, you might need to hollow them out. The patch will stick better to a smoother surface.

Patching the Rot

Use a heavyweight, waterproof wood filler to patch the soffit and fascia. Fill the small holes by just spreading it on with your fingers. The larger holes will need to be filled using a putty knife. Do not worry if the putty does not spread on perfectly smooth because the next step is to sand it down again after it dries. Once again, sand lightly and try to match the texture of the wood. Of course, you want the patch to look as invisible as possible.

Painting the Patch

The final step is to paint the patched area. In some cases, you will have problems matching the color of the soffit and fascia, even if you have the original paint. Normal fading can drastically alter the sheen and tone of the paint, so the new paint might not match well at all. This is why it is probably easier to just paint the entire board. A fresh new coat of paint on the entire board will make your roofline look much cleaner and newer. It will also add an extra layer of protection to other sections of the board.

Fixing rotted sections of your soffit and fascia is important in preventing more serious damage to the structure of your roofline. Make repairs as soon as you notice them. If you would prefer a professional to take care of this job, look for Roof Repair by Dave Merkley Roofing or similar services.


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