World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

What Tools And Equipment Do You Need To Trim Trees?

by Wallace Simmons

Tree trimming is not only necessary to provide a more aesthetically pleasing yard, but also for safety purposes. Trees that get too high are at risk of hitting power lines, as well as damaging the roof or siding of your home. If you have decided to trim the trees yourself, you will need the following tools and equipment.

Aerial Lift

The first thing you should consider getting is an aerial lift. This is a type of equipment that lifts you up to the top level of the tree so you aren't risking injuries by using a ladder. There are many different types of lifts, such as bucket lifts and boom lifts. Bucket lifts mount to a truck, so they are better for front and side yards when you can park your truck in the right position. Boom lifts are self-propelled lifts, so they work better in the backyard. Since you might not use it often enough to warrant purchasing it, renting this equipment is a much better option. You can rent it by the hour or day depending on how long you need it for.

Loppers and Pruners

Tools used for trimming trees include loppers and pruners. A good type of pruner is a pole tree pruner, because it's located on the end of a long pole. You can either stand on the ground when using it, or get lifted near the top of the tree with your aerial lift. This allows you to trim multiple areas of the tree from a single location. It saves time and is a lot more convenient.

Alligator loppers are also useful for light trimming work. When you aren't cutting a tree down but instead just working on the natural shape of a tree, these help you trim some of the lighter branches

Battery-Powered or Electric Chainsaws

Chainsaws work great at cutting down larger branches when trimming trees. There are different types of chainsaws, including battery-powered and electric. The battery-powered models are convenient because you don't have to worry about an extension cord getting in your way. However, electrical chainsaws don't have the added expense of batteries. Like the lifts, chainsaws are also available to rent if you don't want to invest in them.

Wood Chippers

Unless you intend on using the branches for firewood, it is a good idea to rent a wood chipper. This allows you to insert all of the branches and grind them into chips to be used as mulch. You can also grind them and put them into garbage bags for disposing of much more easily.

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