World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

Through Hail And Back | Understanding How Hail Can Affect Various Types Of Home Siding

by Wallace Simmons

As if thunderstorms involving dangerous lightning, high winds, and flooding rain were not enough, if you live in certain parts of the country, you also have to worry about large chunks of ice raining down to cause damage to your property. Hail damage is a serious threat to any structure, whether you are talking about the roof overhead, the siding, or the windows. Siding is especially prone to hail damage because it typically does not offer any form of shock absorbency from the impact of this dangerous precipitation. To better prepare yourself, it is a good idea to understand what can happen to specific types of siding during a hail storm.

Wooden Shake Siding - Wood may be strong and durable, but when it comes to hail, it is hardly a match. The wooden shingles can easily be knocked from their position on the exterior of the home during a hail storm. This is especially a problem with older siding that may already have some deterioration or is lacking in secure attachments to the underlying frame. If you have wooden shingles damaged during a hail storm, you will likely have to have a contractor install new siding altogether, as it can be difficult to match new materials to what is already present.

Vinyl Siding - Vinyl siding is genuinely strong in construction, but it is not shatterproof. Hail stones as small as an inch or so in diameter can easily strike holes into vinyl siding during a storm. You may even see a few runs of vinyl siding completely knocked out of place if the hail is large enough to generate enough force as it falls. After all, hail stones just 8cm in diameter could come in with a terminal velocity of over 48 meters every second.

Aluminum Shingle Siding - One of the biggest aspects of aluminum shingle siding that it makes it prone to hail damage is the fact that it is usually coated with layers of paint and poly-resin materials. This coating can be shredded during a hail storm, leaving you with large areas of metal showing through. Additionally, aluminum siding can be dented and dinged with larger stones.

If you have seen the siding of your home damaged by hail, talk to a contractor about what you will have to do in order to make repairs. If you know you live in an area of Canada that is prone to hail damage, it is a good idea to openly discuss what options may be available in home siding that would be more resilient for your home. To find out more, speak with an individual like Allrose Exteriors.


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