World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

Create An Incredible Playscape On Your Country Acreage

by Wallace Simmons

If you are raising your family out in the country, they have the advantage of not living in today's hustle and bustle of suburbia. On the other hand, there might be times when you are concerned that they are too isolated and that they need something added to their lives. Hiring a contractor to help you build a playscape on your country acreage would be a great diversion for your children. In addition, their city friends would love to join in the fun. Here are some ideas for you to consider as you make your plans.

Sports Surfaces - The two major factors in your planning are space and money. When you have determined how much of each you'll need, you'll be ready to get started.

  • Of course, a basketball court, a place for volleyball and tennis would be fabulous. Concrete is the best material for a sports court because it is very permanent. When repairs need to be made, that is very doable.
  • Your contractor will be able to help you plan the best location for any of these sites. If you have ample space in a shady area, that would be awesome!
  • When you are planning this area, consider adding space for weatherproof storage.
  • Having a concrete surface opens the door to other games, too. Setting up a ping pong table, a badminton game or creating a huge chess or checker board would be fabulous.

A Bike Trail - If you have the space and the money to continue your project onto the rest of your acreage, it would be amazing to have the contractor pour concrete for bike trails. They don't need to be that wide, but the best bike trail will meander through meadows and valleys. Added fun will be to get the contractor to put resting spots in different areas along the trail. One area could have a picnic table, another area could have hammocks hanging from the trees, while yet another area would take bikers to a pit where they could roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Of course, little children need to be accompanied by adults for this type of adventure.

A Small Play Area - Reserve a small space for the youngest children. This area could have a small table and chairs with storage for little skates, hula hoops and other fun outdoor activities. Don't forget a place where sidewalk chalk can be kept. Concrete is a perfect surface for artists. When you want the art work done, just wash it away with a hose.

You can contact a local contractor, such as Sieben Cement Contractors Ltd., for any questions. Have fun planning your country playscape.


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World Construction Symposium

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