World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

Cabinetry Conundrums: Restoring And Replacing The Cabinets In Your Kitchen

by Wallace Simmons

Looking for a way to give your kitchen a fresh look? Try restoring or replacing the kitchen cabinetry. This may sound like a major investment, but there are some ways to do it without breaking the bank.

Try these clever methods of changing up the kitchen cabinets, while sticking to your budget:

A change of frame.

If you are considering replacing the cabinets in your kitchen, determine first if you want a framed cabinet style or a frame-less model. Framed cabinets, often called "face-frame" variations, might cost a little more and are more traditional in appearance. Frame-less cabinets are a bit more modern, space-conservative, and inexpensive to replace.

Altered hardware.

Simply changing the hardware, knobs, pulls, and hinges of your cabinets can make a vast difference in the looks. Try picking up some cool vintage knobs and pulls, or finding replicas in a home improvement store. You may also opt for minimal hardware, which will give the space a sleek, modern look.

Painted facades.

Painting the cabinets is another option. You may simply remove and paint the doors of your cabinetry, or you can give the entire cabinets a fresh coat of paint. Depending on the finish, you may need to first strip and prime the cabinetry first.

Minimal makeovers.

Streamline the looks of your space by getting rid of the cabinets altogether, and opting for open shelving. This works great in a modern or smaller space, where every inch counts. Before you go with this minimalist makeover, remember that open shelves may require you to be quite tidy and to keep your utensils and cookware organized, otherwise the entire kitchen may appear messy or cluttered.

Buying tips.

If you have your mind set on replacing cabinets, there are numerous options to be aware of. You may choose to have custom cabinets built to your specifications, or you may prefer the low cost of ready-to-assemble styles that you put together yourself. Whatever type you choose, you will also need to pin-down the materials that you wish to use for your cabinets.

Consider these cabinetry options:

  • Solid plywood.
  • Economical particle board.
  • Plastic-laminate, for cabinet doors.
  • Vinyl-clad, for doors.
  • Wood veneer doors.

There are pros and cons for each different type of cabinet material, and speaking with contractors or retailers like those at Genuine Kitchens may determine the best approach for your budget and preferences. Depending on what you want to spend, there are several cost-efficient ways to give your kitchen's cabinets a fresh look. Try one of these techniques to give your room a new feeling and to potentially improve the appearance of your entire home! 


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