World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

Don't Freeze Out Your Air Conditioner Yet: Easy Ways To Cool Down Your Home

by Wallace Simmons

If your air conditioner just doesn't seem to get the house chilly like it used to, there are some affordable ways you can try to fix the issue without replacing the unit. The problem may not be the air conditioner itself, but how you've maintained it and the ventilation system.

You will want to have an HVAC professional come to your home so they can look at the ducts, the machine and the thermostat.

Duct Problems

There could be two problems with the ducts that are causing high cooling bills and a lack of cold air. Up to 30 percent of air can be lost through the ducts, and leaks could be the culprit. Have an HVAC professional seal and insulate the ducts, so the air is forced through the ventilation system.

Dirty ducts and clogs are also problematic. If you have a buildup of lint and debris that prevents air from passing through with ease, you may not be getting cold air in all areas of the home. Have the HVAC team clean out the ducts. Both of these options will also improve efficiency.

Filter Concerns and a Tune-Up

Have you ever changed the filter on your air conditioning unit? Did you even know that there was one? If you haven't, then it's long overdue. Have a professional come to not just change the filters in the air conditioner so the fan can move without problems, but also to inspect the interior of the machine. A tune-up to lube the gears and clean out debris helps the machine function more easily. The tune-up will review mechanical concerns.


If your thermostat is dysfunctional or there is an electrical miscommunication with the air conditioner, this could be why you aren't getting cold air. The thermostat should be inspected and tested, and you may want to consider getting a programmable option.

An air conditioner runs on Freon, so the HVAC service person at your home is going to make sure that the machine doesn't have a leak, and that there aren't any other major problems. Don't keep wasting your money and running the air conditioner when you aren't getting the cold air that you need to stay comfortable on the hot summer days. Call the experts, such as Climec Residential Inc., and find out if you can fix the problems with your current unit, or if you need to start exploring newer energy efficient options that are available.


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