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World Construction Symposium

Introduction To Going From Tent Camping To Trailer Camping

by Wallace Simmons

Are you someone who enjoys packing up your tent and spending the night outdoors? Maybe it is time for you to upgrade to the comfort of a camping trailer and take your spouse who "is not really an outdoor person" with you? There are a lot of things to keep in mind when going from tent camping to trailer camping with camp trailer rentals:

The Benefits of Switching to Trailer Camping

Camping under the starry sky inside of your tent can be both a rewarding and relaxing experience. Unfortunately, it can also be a chilly and uncomfortable experience during the spring and fall months. Camping trailers offer a lot of comforts to make you feel more at home while you are enjoying nature at the same time. This includes a furnace to take the edge of the morning chill and air conditioning to keep you cool during the humid summer days.

You get to enjoy the smell of a brewing cup of coffee while you wake up inside the privacy of your own camping trailer. Your camping trailer will give you access to electricity and clean running water. You also get access to a refrigerator, sink, and stove which all make meal time a lot easier. If you are someone who cannot go very long without television, you can even rent a camping trailer that comes equipped with a satellite dish.

The best part is you can always break out your sleeping bag and sleep outside under the stars. Just rent a camper with a canopy attached to the side to put up at night if you would rather sleep outside.

What You Can Expect

A light switch and storage for all of your camping gear and toys is just the beginning of what a camping trailer can offer you. There are so many different types of trailers. For example, you could rent a camper that is 24 feet long and designed to provide enough space for six people to sleep. Inside, you would find a queen size bed, a dining table that folds into a bed, and a bunk bed. You could also opt for a smaller or larger trailer depending on your specific needs.

Camping trailers all come equipped with leveling jacks. These are used to make sure the water can flow through the plumbing the right way. One option you have is to find a park with water, sewer, and electrical hookup. Your other option would be to go out into the wilderness and enjoy the water tank and batteries the trailer comes equipped with.

As you are browsing through camping trailers and deciding what to rent, think about how you are going to tow the trailer. In most cases, a high mileage vehicle is not going to get the job done. You need a pickup truck or sports utility vehicle to tow the trailer you are renting.


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