World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

Tips For Beefing Up Your Landscaping With Rocks And Stones

by Wallace Simmons

Even though it is winter, spring will be here before you know it. This is the perfect time to plan out your landscaping and think of ways you can beef it up. Below are some tips on using rocks and stones so you will have the best looking landscaping on the block.

Use Stone as an Edging

If you have flower gardens, beautiful stones look nice to use as an edging around them. This sets off your flower garden, and keeps the weeds out of it. These stones are easy to install, and something you can likely do on your own or with a little help. You can choose from many different sizes and colors, depending on the type of stone you use. Make it interesting by using a variety of sizes and colors. If you are worried about hauling in your own rock from the quarry, you shouldn't be. Some businesses, such as Floyd Preston Aggregates Toronto, will deliver stone to your home. 

Mark Your Flowers with Rocks

When you plant flowers around your property, it is easy to forget the names of them by the end of the season. To take care of this problem, gather together some medium sized stones. Paint the stones with paint that has been specially formulated for outdoor projects. Consider using fun bright colors to add even more color to your garden. Let the rocks completely dry. Use paint markers, also formulated for outdoor projects, to write the names of the flowers on the rocks. You can also add some fun little designs on the rocks, if you prefer. Once dry, place the rocks in front of the flowers.

Stepping Stones

Build a path with stones leading to a beautiful part of your yard, such as where you have flowers planted. Have a bench sitting at the end of the path for you to sit on and enjoy the view.

When choosing stones, make sure they have some kind of texture. This is so they will not become slippery when it rains. Dark stones can become very hot, so if you think anyone with bare feet will be walking on the path, lighter stones are a better choice.

Look for local landscaping suppliers or other contractor that specializes in stones. Visit the stone yard so you can look at the stones they have available, as they come in various textures and colors. When you find the stones you want, talk with the contractor about delivering them to your home.

Hire a landscaper to come to your home. They will know of many other ways you can use stones and rocks on your landscaping.


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