World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

How to Remove a Large Concrete Patio from Your Yard

by Wallace Simmons

If your home has a concrete patio that has seen better days, then you will be happy to know that with some effort you can remove it. For a small patio, you can remove it by breaking it up with a sledgehammer, but for a larger patio, the process is a bit more complex.

Here are instructions for removing a large concrete patio or driveway:

Step 1: Gather All Necessary Supplies

To remove a large amount of concrete, you need the following:

  • safety goggles
  • leather gloves
  • a dust mask
  • a sledgehammer
  • a concrete saw
  • a pry bar 

To dispose of the concrete, you need to contact your local trash removal company and have them deliver a "clean fill" dumpster to your home. Concrete is recyclable. It is used as clean fill to fill in large empty areas for new construction projects rather than dumping it into landfills.

Step 2: Saw the Concrete

Wearing all of your safety gear, use a concrete saw to cut out one-foot by one-foot squares of the concrete patio in a grid pattern. If you are renting a concrete saw, you should choose a model that is attached to a wheel frame and can be operated by walking along behind it. This is the correct type of concrete saw for this project, and it will make the job a lot easier to complete.

Note: Concrete saws come equipped with diamond-tipped blades. This type of blade will cut right through any rebar that exists inside of the concrete. Concrete with rebar is recyclable as clean fill.

Step 3: Pry Out Each Section for Disposal

Using the pry bar, pry out each section of the patio that you previously cut. Toss each section into the clean fill dumpster for recycling.

For any areas that were not completely cut by the saw's blade, you can hit them with the sledgehammer and they will break along the cut lines.


While removing a large concrete patio or driveway is a physical task, with a quality concrete saw, this project is very doable for most homeowners who have a DIY spirit. However, if you have decided that removing your home's concrete patio is too much physical work for you, then you should contact a local building contractor or concrete contractor for assistance. They will come out to your home and look at the patio and measure it. Based upon what they see, they will give you an estimate to complete the work. Consider hiring Able Demolition Services for the job.


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