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World Construction Symposium

Refrigeration: A Faulty Gasket Means More Trouble Than Your Eyes Can Detect

by Wallace Simmons

Refrigeration is indispensable when it comes the restaurant world. However, it is costly. That is why some business owners tend to be reluctant when it comes to spending money on seemingly negligible refrigeration problems.  And it is also why most business owners usually resort to using tape to hold a unit's door when it can't close properly.

If you are having trouble keeping your door closed, then you most likely have a gasket problem. And using a good piece of tape to keep it locked isn't going to cut it. This is because a gasket does more than keep your door closed. It is a central piece in the refrigeration process.

What a gasket does

A gasket is the rubber-like lining around your refrigeration unit's door. It basically helps keep the door of your unit locked. But its function goes beyond merely holding things together. Since the seal that it creates is air-tight, it helps prevent any outside air coming into the unit and also helps to keep the cold air in your unit. Therefore, without it, your refrigeration unit's efficiency is basically toast since all the hard work that it puts in towards creating cool air will be literally flowing out of the door.

The trouble that comes with a faulty gasket

There is the door problem. It simply won't stay shut on its own. This may call for you to try using different types of tape. But then, tape doesn't last. And even if it does, there is also the problem of hygiene in your kitchen. It will make for an eyesore at best.

With the bulk of its efforts going down the drain, your unit will have to work harder in order to keep your perishables fresh. And the more it works, the faster it wears out. A faulty gasket will therefore chop a few years off your unit's lifespan.

There is also the energy problem. The extra effort that your unit makes to maintain a given temperature costs money. As a result, the inefficiency that results from a faulty gasket will be enough to cause your energy bills to spiral out of control.

When to replace your unit's gasket

Given all the trouble that comes with a faulty gasket, it is important to ensure that you replace it as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear. Having a refrigeration unit door that does not lock properly is a sign of  a faulty gasket, but it is not the only one.

To find out if it is time to call a professional, place your hand over the edge of the unit's door. If you can feel cold air coming out, you have a gasket problem. Traces of cracks or the hardening of the gasket material is also a good indication that your unit's gasket needs replacing. (for more information, contact Halliday Refrigeration Ltd)


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