World Construction Symposium

World Construction Symposium

Protect Your Home From A Roof Collapse

by Wallace Simmons

Without a doubt, being a homeowner is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to stay on top of maintenance when it comes to the interior surfaces of your home, but this same rule is true when it comes to the exterior surfaces of your home, such as your roof. While most people focus on the risk of shingle damage or roof leaks, it's important to understand that a roof collapse is a real issue that you also need to stay on top of.

Winter Weather

A blanket of snow is a great way to welcome in winter. It symbolizes snow play and memories; however, the weight of snow can also signal a warning for the risk of a roof collapse. While your roof is meant to be strong, it isn't necessarily designed to withstand significant amounts of weight.

A large blanket of snow on your roof weighs a lot. This excess weight puts pressure on your roof, eventually exerting it to the point of total destruction. With a roof collapse not only is there the cost of roof repair, but this can also cause a significant amount of structural damage and completely destroy the interior of your home, not to mention a huge risk of physical injury.

Protecting your Home

Protecting your home from a roof collapse begins with you. Make certain you understand how to spot a dangerous amount of snow accumulation. This is especially important during periods of wet snowfall. Wet snow weighs more than dry snow. It's estimated that 6 inches of wet snow is the equivalent of 38 inches of dry snow. Consequently, even a small amount of wet snow can prove to be dangerous for your home.

If you start to notice that some of your doors become more difficult to open or close, ripples or bends in your roof supports or sagging sections along your interior ceilings, these should be considered warning signs. If you notice any of these signs, it's imperative that you have a professional come out and remove the snow from your roof.

If you are concerned about the integrity of your roof, it's a good idea to speak with a contractor. A roofing contractor can examine the condition of your roof and offer snow removal tips. Both of these services will serve as important tools to help protect your home from future snowfall and reduce your risk of a collapse.

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