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World Construction Symposium

5 Helpful Tips For Avoiding Clogged Drains

by Wallace Simmons

Clogged drains are pretty common among homeowners, but that does not make them any less frustrating. They happen at the most inconvenient times and can completely ruin your day. If you properly maintain your drains, you can prevent clogs. Here are five helpful tips for avoiding clogged drains.

Do not Pour Grease Down Your Kitchen Sink

Pouring grease down your kitchen sink might not seem like a big deal, but it can actually lead to clogs. The grease can solidify in the plumbing and create clogs that are very difficult to clear. When you have grease to get rid of, just pour it in your garbage can.

Cover Your Drains with Drain Covers

Another way you can avoid clogged drains is to cover them with drain covers. These covers will catch small pieces of soap, hair and other particles that can clog your drains. They are very inexpensive and can help prevent a very annoying problem. Remember to clean the drain covers at least every couple of days with a piece of tissue paper. If you do not regularly clean these covers, they will not work properly. 

Run Cold Water Down Kitchen Disposal

When you are done using your kitchen disposal, you should run cold water down it for about 15 seconds. Doing this will flush all of the extra food particles down your plumbing, reducing the risk of clogs. 

Do not Treat Your Toilet Like a Garbage Can

If you ever used your toilet as a wastebasket, you are not the only one. However, throwing tissue paper, tampons and other items down your toilet can lead to a clog. The only things that should go in your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Also, avoid flushing too much toilet paper at a time.

Wash Your Pet Outside

If you have a pet, you should wash it outside when the weather is warm enough. If you try washing your pet in the bathtub, the excess hair can clog up the drain. When you have to wash your pet in the bathtub, you should at least place a washcloth over the drain.

Following these helpful tips can help reduce your risk of clogged drains. If you still experience a clog, contact an experienced plumber at places like Phil Ballam Plumbing & Heating Ltd. right away. If you wait too long, the clog will only get worse. A trained plumber has the skills and equipment to properly unclog the drain.


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